Our Team

Discover the magic behind Swiset.

We are a multidisciplinary team compound by software systems engineers, accountants, international financialist and interactive media designers with more than 14 years of experience in automated trading systems, portfolio management, risk management and high volatility financial markets.



Camilo Tobar

Founder and CEO

Andrés Jiménez

Co-founder and COO

Santiago Valencia

Head of Sales

Tech & Development Team

Sebastián Arango

Architect & Tech Lead

David Fiat

Mobile Developer

Nelson Quiñones

Software Engineer

Carlos Restrepo

Head of Integrations

Marketing & Design Team

Manuela Palacio

Growth Lead

Santiago Martínez

Head of Brand

Juan Camilo Hernández

Investment Strategy 

Alliances and Customer Service Team

Sebastián Orozco

Head of Partners

Camilo Chávez

Customer Success Lead

Swiset is possible thanks to this wonderful team, but also to the support of many talented people such as academics, investors and engineers:

Wendy Boots. Ana Lucía Alzate. Alberto Ruiz. Andrés Valencia. Esteban Moya. Juan Carlos Amado. Camilo Sacanamboy. Diego Barbosa. Sebastián Restrepo. Jessica Rendón, Norha Villegas PhD. Luis Eduardo Múnera PhD. Mercedes Fajardo Ortiz PhD. Sebastián Rojas R. Jeison Mejía. Sergio Olivares.

Thanks to all of you! And many more people to whom we are very grateful 💚

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