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We manage your community’s trading with powerful tools to manage, promote, and finance its operations.

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Trade to be the best. Create tournaments within your community to see who is the most profitable and who will be crowned as the number 1 trader.

Community Module

Create and manage your community. Gather people around a strategy, academy, market, you decide, swiset support 😉

Unlock a fully synchronized journal with powerful statistics.

With Swiset

With Swiset, you can access a fully synchronized log that generates several interesting statistics such as time, date, and direction. These invaluable metrics will allow you to improve your trading performance and maximize the potential of your trading plan. Also, take the opportunity to test your skills with our funding trial simulation. Find out if your trading prowess can achieve a funded account and take your trading journey to the next level with confidence. Swiset is here to take you towards success!

Without Swiset

Maybe you are losing important information to improve your business activity. If you still record your transactions and performance in Excel or on paper, you may not know how effective your business strategy is. Don’t let uncertainty cloud your success. Use the power of data-based analysis to refine your strategies and achieve greater accuracy in your operations. Say goodbye to assumptions and hello to a brighter business future with Swiset!

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Crypto Magic

Con Swiset desde 2022


Con Swiset desde 2022

Bull Finanzas

Con Swiset desde 2020


Con Swiset desde 2020

Forex Revolution

Con Swiset desde 2022

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Swiset has a free layer that all traders can use and even if you are an academy you can contact us to give you information about it; also, you can access one of our Pro plans to have all the Swiset functionalities including the Community Module that helps you to manage your students 
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Swiset allows you to make a very personalized follow-up of each trader’s operations, reviewing their trades, their statistics and also providing feedback.
On the other hand, it is a great differentiator with other competitors since you generate an added value to your students by providing them with a fully automatic Trading Log.
You are going to form more professional traders.

We have a Communities module designed specifically for this purpose. You’ll be able to view your students one by one and also track the overall performance of the academy. Additionally, you can use the chat channel, the calendar to schedule events and organize public or private tournaments. We’re still working on new features for the future.

If the Academy requires it, we can make White Label developments, that is, Swiset would be inside your portal as a tool for your traders.

The academy can create tournaments among its students of different levels to promote trading and generate different spaces that improve the trader’s commitment to the academy.

Yes, public tournaments can be held, and it is a very good way to become known as academies and generate new “leads” that can later become students of the academy.

We like to generate two-way partnerships and in addition to everything we have mentioned among the features of Swiset, we can make face-to-face events where we expose different trading topics. We are also able to make webinars and valuable content for Social Networks together that allow us to reach more information to more traders.

Tenemos diferentes paquetes de números de estudiantes que seguro se ajustarán a tus necesidades. Agenda una videollamada (Link aquí)