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We firmly believe that there is a superior and simpler way to manage risk. Our unwavering trust in finding a more effective approach is what sets us apart.


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With Swiset, you gain access to a fully synced journal that generates various insightful stats such as Hour, Date, and Side. These invaluable metrics will empower you to enhance your trading performance and maximize the potential of your trading plan.

Furthermore, seize the opportunity to put your skills to the test with our funding test simulation. Discover if your trading prowess is capable of achieving a funded account and take your trading journey to the next level with confidence. Swiset is here to propel you towards success!

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You might be missing out on crucial insights to improve your trading. If your trades and performance are still being jotted down on Excel or paper, you may be in the dark about the effectiveness of your trading strategy. Don’t let uncertainty cloud your success.

Let Swiset’s cutting-edge technology illuminate your trading life and make it easier than ever. Harness the power of data-driven analysis to refine your strategies and achieve greater precision in your trades. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a brighter trading future with Swiset!

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At Swiset we believe in the power of statistics, therefore we have divided them into 10 categories. Portfolio, Profitability, Assets, Side, Time, Mood, Strategy, Swiset ratio, Risk-Earnings and Market.

Swiset has a Freemium version, where you can take advantage of a part of Swiset; if you want to have all the power of Swiset statistics and unique features, the PRO version is the one, for only 16,58usd per month billed annually or a one-time payment of 299usd for the lifetime version.

We have cryptocurrency, Paypal, credit or debit card payment methods.

No, one of our PRO features, will help you to prepare for the funding tests of the companies. All from the power of statistics.
*But if you are a Broker, write to us so that we can help you.

We have tests according to the market, if your market is Futures, we have TopStep, Earn2Trade, Uprofit, Willyckoff, The Trading Pit, Leelo Trading and Go All. If your market is Forex, we have more than 11 simulations, among them: FTMO, The trading pit, Impulse World, My forex funds and Rocket 21.

From the statistics generated in Swiset, you can draw insights that will help you make better decisions.

Swiset is automatic, easy to use and above all, easy to understand. Our statistics are organized in such a way that the graphs are easy to analyze.

In Swiset you have access to your trading performance statistics, so it will help you make better decisions to help you stick to your trading plan. You can also simulate funding tests to see if your trading strategy fits the tests in order to pass them. You have the option to integrate your trading plan, so you can check if you have followed it or improve it according to the statistics.

Thanks to our alliance with Equiti, Exness and Zenfinex, by opening a live account with these brokers, you will get Swiset pro for free. Or, if you are part of an academy, contact us and we can create a partnership.