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90% of brokers do not have real-time statistics for their traders

At Swiset, we are focused on improving trader’s risk management, in order to boost their results. About 80% of traders who enter the investment platforms leave trading in less than 6 months due to poor risk management.

This decreases potential earnings for brokers. Traders with better risk management could stay, perform more efficient trades and increase their entire investment life.

Source: (Gausach Martín, A. (2018).

Trading Journal Swiset

Why Swiset?

Features that improves your traders

Trading Plan

This feature allows users to choose and design their planning according to their needs.

Users decide, for example, maximum trades or investments per day, the duration of their trades, or manage maximum number of winning or losing daily trades and measure risk.


Swiset’s Benefits in Risk Management

With proper risk management, the benefits for the broker are maximized

Provides confidence to Traders

Enhance the Traders results and endure over time, this makes users recommend and become loyal to the broker.

Traders with greater trajectory boost their performance

This scenario benefits brokers even more, traders earned and failed trades will be analyzed through data science, providing specific metrics for each trader.

How do we Manage Risk?

Data Collection

We develop a system that takes data from each trade and generates different metrics, calculations and charts adjusted particularly for each trader.

Trading Journal

All the data that are inserted is collected in it. The platform is responsible for finding multiple patterns in operations and provides statistics that allow the trader to see data more clearly on operations, so that decision-making is facilitated.

Increase and improvement of trades

The system was tested multiple times and in most of the probable scenarios, the losing trader managed to increase or improve their trades, thanks to the risk management system, and therefore prolonged their stay with the brokers where he executed those transactions.

Improvement Strategies

With our risk management, traders get practical strategies with which they can make immediate changes to improve the way they trade.

Until Today

Since the beginning of 2020 that Swiset started with the Trading Journal, we have figures such as

+ 45 Countries

+ 100k Trades


+ 2000 Users

and rising

+ 20 Strategic Alliances

with trading academies and influencers.

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