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Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence to boost your trading community! Your community will have access to cutting-edge statistics that will maximize their effectiveness. They can increase trading volume in their assets, identify high-performance opportunities, and improve their strategies to achieve astonishing results.


Your community will be able to Synchronize multiple trading platforms and automatically record all their operations for impeccable monitoring.
No more worries about losing important data!
In addition, they could quickly review the history of their operation and have quick and accurate information of value for their constant growth.


Develop your own challenges and offer traders the chance to be recognised within the community. Inspire skilled traders to keep trading with increased confidence and access to valuable information, turning their journey into an opportunity for growth!


Discover the power of our Communities!
Connect your traders and forge strong bonds that propel them towards success with our innovative module.
Step into a world of mutual support, where your users will resolve doubts, invite new traders, and stay informed about the latest news and exclusive enhancements tailored for them. 

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Supercharge Trader Success with Swiset’s Cutting-Edge Risk Management Tool!01:37 PM

At Swiset, we’re dedicated to elevating traders’ risk management, unlocking greater results. Shockingly, 80% of traders exit investment platforms within 6 months due to poor risk management, denting broker earnings. Discover the power of better risk management – stay, trade efficiently, and secure a thriving investment journey.

Why We Stand Out.

Diana Labrador - GWT

“A great tool to measure if they are consistent”

Adrián Nardelli - Bull Finanzas

“We witnessed a significant transformation in the student upon the arrival of Swiset.”

Julio Sambrano - Exness

“Swiset has become a strategic ally for us and our clients”

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Swiset is present in more than 120 countries worldwide. Our main area of operation is Latam, but we have an increasing presence in Africa and Europe.

Currently Swiset can be synchronized with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, Ninjatrader and Atas.
Soon more platforms will be available, including Binance.

Through Swiset, traders can make a very complete analysis of their trading, which allows them to make better decisions and better risk management; in a study with one of our partners we observed how with Swiset most traders increased the average time of life within the broker by 2 months.

We are completely open to attend IBs closing meetings to explain and show the benefits that they could have with Swiset. The IB will love Swiset and when they see that the Broker will provide it, they will close the deal.

Swiset is not a provider of Funding Tests. What we do have are simulations of some of the larger Prop Firms so that traders can gain confidence when faced with a real test.

Yes, it is possible to have Swiset embedded within the Broker’s website so that users, with their login, can directly access Swiset and their statistics from there.

Yes, Swiset is able to develop a White Label for the Broker so that users can see their operations and statistics in a customized Trading Journal for the Broker in terms of image.

There are several benefits you get by working with us. In addition to the logbook and statistics, we are able to hold tournaments to generate highly qualified leads, webinars with experts on different topics, face-to-face events at a national and international level, among others.

Swiset is currently in English and Spanish and will soon be in Portuguese and German.