Simplify your trading analysis with the leading and smartest trading tools, for any kind of investor/trader. Available on any device.

Analysis Tools Swiset


We believe in simple trading

We trust that exist another way to trade, more effective and complex less.

Time, the most valuable asset

Staying alert of interesting market points is a really complex and long time task. Save up to 85% time with Swiset tools.

Swiset Trading Process

Find interesting points


Finding interesting market points is now a simple task with our tools, their empower you to know which assets are indicating relevant areas, according to the technical indicators values and economic events.



Time saved

Trading incredibly easy

Here at Swiset, the passion to design and build tools to empower the life of investors is our fuel.

1. Ready to analyze

At any time of your day, when you are ready to analyze some forex or crypto assets, focus all your time on trading.

2. Ask to Swiset bot

Via Swiset Telegram Bot, access to powerful and accurate technical indicators overview, strategies alerts and fundamental data.

3. Trade!

After find interesting market points thanks to Swiset tools, you can check through another deep analysis, and trade.

Is that simple!

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