Use Cases: Webinars

Swiset First Steps

Business Challenge

One of the trader profiles that brokers aim to attract is beginners. These are traders with zero or very little knowledge about trading, or whose only exposure has been through Multilevel Marketing, Network Marketing, or Binary Options. The challenge here is to educate people interested in entering the world of trading and do so in the best way possible to ensure they start on the right path.


One of the topics we cover in our webinars is Introduction to Trading and Investments. We developed this webinar in collaboration with Eightcap, and it attracted 79 leads who began their journey into trading education.

As a reward for those who stayed until the end of the webinar, we provided an ebook that covers all the topics discussed and more. Additionally, for those who decided to open a real account, we offered a comprehensive technical analysis course to further their education.

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