AI Assistants in the World of Trading

Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of trading, where the revolution is underway and the line between retail traders and artificial intelligence blurs with every passing moment. The accessibility and democratization of trading platforms have triggered an explosion in the number of retail traders, and those who adapt to the new trends will be the true winners.


This new wave of retail traders finds itself in a unique position to leverage the latest advances in artificial intelligence. AI assistants are increasingly present in our daily lives, and trading is no exception. Advances in artificial intelligence have led to sophisticated assistants capable of making decisions and analyzing data at a speed that surpasses human traders.

The collaboration between traders and AI assistants has the potential to change the rules of the game in trading, generating a perfect symbiosis between both parties. By working together, they can develop more efficient strategies and make better-informed decisions. This mutual support relationship allows traders to harness the cognitive abilities and analytical power of AI assistants.


AI assistants are not just data processing machines; they also possess human-like cognitive skills. This enables them to understand context, adapt their strategies, and respond to market conditions in real-time. By integrating these skills into their trading approach, traders can significantly improve their results.


Now, let’s dare to visualize a more drastic future for the trading industry. We can imagine an ecosystem of AI agents communicating with each other, sharing information and strategies. This network of masterminds works together to maximize profits, meaning traders can benefit from the ideas and collective knowledge of a group of AI assistants rather than relying solely on their individual experience and skills. This future can be glimpsed by knowing that AIs do not have a very extensive “short-term” memory, but such a disadvantage could be overcome by taking advantage of emerging hive intelligence from a collective of AI agents collaborating with each other, dividing their tasks of analysis and trade execution in the market.


As AI assistants become more advanced and increasingly integrated into the world of trading, the relationship between traders and their AI assistants will continue to evolve. The combination of human skills and artificial intelligence will allow traders to tackle market challenges more effectively, resulting in an exciting future full of opportunities in the world of trading.

AI and the Personalization of Trading

Artificial intelligence promises to change the way we approach trading by offering unprecedented personalization in the design and execution of strategies. A future is envisioned where traders can rely on AI assistance to create customized trading styles that fit their needs and goals. Future AI assistants could analyze traders’ profiles and design strategies tailored to their preferences, significantly improving their market results (The future of trading mentor at Swiset!).


Essentially, AI assistants will act as real-time personal tutors, providing relevant information and analysis during operations. This tutoring function would allow traders to constantly learn and improve, increasing their chances of success in the market. At the same time, AI assistants could help control traders’ emotions and make more rational decisions during moments of tension, reducing risks and improving long-term results.


By combining personalized trading, real-time tutoring, and emotional management, AI has the potential to transform the trading experience for retail traders. These advances would allow traders to more effectively adapt their approaches to changing market conditions, thereby increasing their chances of success and maximizing their profits. Stay tuned for these developments from Swiset!


In the end, we cannot ignore this new revolution that will affect all industries, including trading. As a retail trader, it is essential to stay informed about these new technologies if you want to be at the forefront of a future where our operations will be carried out alongside an AI assistant, a trading mentor connected to the market 24/7, capable of emotional regulation and alerting us to important events with expert knowledge.

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