How to be a good trader?

The reasons to get into trading and the lies

Most people come to trading looking for an extra income:

And if we keep counting the reasons for sure there is not enough space to finish, all of them are completely valid and each person has their own purposes and goals.

But to start in trading there are many ways to do it, there are multiple paths, but not all paths are good or are not the safest to ensure results.

When you start a not so safe or effective way in trading you find all kinds of traders, who have lost thousands of dollars for not managing their investments well or for getting carried away by their emotions; as well as “gurus” who will tell you that you can make millions of dollars in the blink of an eye with their formula or magic robot.

And the truth is that you can do it, in trading you can literally make millions! But it doesn’t happen overnight.

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So you know what?

There is NO magic formula or set number of accounts you must burn to learn how to become truly consistent and profitable trading.

But, just as there are the long and unsure paths, there are the paths that lead you to your goal, paths where you are assured of receiving the right information to be guided to do things right. Where you will access a variety of knowledge and techniques for trading the markets, which are (and by far) more effective than what you can do with trial and error.

The reality of trading and why it's a good idea to belong to an academy

In trading and investing there is always the possibility of losing money, it’s something you should keep in mind. What is really important is that you find a strategy with which you feel comfortable operating, time of day, emotions and other factors that involve when entering the market.

To find and learn from what we just mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is best to access an academy.
We do not seek to influence you by one or the other. What we want to do is to make you aware and see that there are many better ways to achieve your goals through trading in a safe way.

Yes, there are certainly cases in which people can have great success as traders without going through an academy, it is true, but it is not the case for everyone. It works for some and not for others, but it is important that you know more than just experimenting.

Here we bring a selection of academies that in our opinion are very serious, committed and transparent with their traders. In addition to ensuring a learning process, high quality and with mentors with many years of experience that pass on knowledge are phenomenal.

From Swiset we work together with different academies in Latin America and worldwide.

Just as there are different financial markets, the academies are also specialized in a specific market. Although some of them can even give you knowledge in more than one market.

With the academies you are accompanied by expert traders who, like you, started with many goals and expectations, and today have achieved what they set out to do. All of them have years of experience and too much knowledge that you can take advantage of.

So before starting your way in trading, evaluate your options very well, because from that moment you can ensure your success or failure in the markets.

Complement your knowledge with your self-knowledge.

It is important to know about trading, but it is much more important to know yourself. That is fundamental if you really want to improve your results, you must know:

It may seem like a lot of things to keep in mind that can take your attention away from trading, and let’s face it, keeping an Excel spreadsheet is not an option. But with Swiset it’s easier than you think.

Swiset lets you have all that and more!

In addition, it provides you with a completely personalized Trading Mentor that gives you the information you need to truly understand and improve your trading performance and your trading style.

So you know if you are really being profitable and consistent or if you are wasting your money.

Having a Trading Plan is ¡Vital! if you really want to improve.

The Trading Plan is your way of knowing “what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to do it, and of course what not to do! Luckily, with Swiset you can have it too!
Best of all, you keep a complete and detailed track of your trades on a day-to-day basis. That will be the reflection of your results by following your plan, which if you execute it consistently and improve it periodically will ensure your future profitability as a trader.

Our selection for you

These are the academies that from Swiset we recommend to expand and consolidate your knowledge. If your goal is to be a profitable trader you must have at hand the tools and knowledge bases necessary to do so.

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