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How to grow your trading community?

At present, there are many traders who are experiencing good or not-so-good trading results and take the initiative to create a community to share their knowledge, either for economic interests or simply out of generosity and the dream that others achieve similar results.

There are all kinds of trading communities, including academies, influencers, capital managers, among others, who have a presence on Social Media platforms such as Telegram, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and many more. There are countless ways to grow communities and achieve the set objectives.

One of our main focuses at Swiset has been precisely that – supporting the growth of communities by providing them with tools that allow them to add value and stand out in this now highly competitive market. Here, we have decided to share some points to consider based on our experience working closely with these communities:

1. Content

It must undoubtedly be valuable, useful, and lead to action or reflection. It should be easy to understand and apply.

2. Distribution channels

Understand who your target audience is and where they can be found, and then devise a strategy to reach them through selected channels. Focus on two or three options and be consistent in your postings. Trying to cover all channels may result in a lack of quality or constant interaction.

3. Quality presentation

Nowadays, different channels like websites or Instagram accounts serve as the first introduction to a community. So, it is important to pay attention to visuals and content that capture attention, as this will encourage people to explore your content further.

4. Demonstrable results

In an era where there are many hopeful marketing pitches, counterfeit results, and scams, showing real and verifiable results becomes an oasis in the desert. Demonstrating your results can build trust and confidence within your community. Swiset offers the option to audit accounts so traders can vouch for their achievements, increasing trust among their community.

5. Collaborations

As the saying goes, “You can go faster alone, but you can go farther in a pack.” Finding alliances that allow both communities to collaborate and grow in numbers and content quality has become one of the best strategies for community growth. This allows for the expansion of knowledge and leveraging the strengths of another community, whether it’s in the same sector or complementary. For example, a trading community collaborating with a community focused on high-performance habits.

6. Interact with the community

Webinars, Instagram Lives, Trading Rooms, among others, are ways to engage with your community. Let them see you and know that you are dedicating valuable time to spread a message that will help everyone grow. Additionally, set aside time each day to respond to messages, emails, etc.

7. Metrics and numbers

Although some may not enjoy it, measurement is essential. “What gets measured gets improved,” and at Swiset, we always pay close attention to this aspect. Just like in trading, analyzing the metrics of your community across different channels is vital to understand where you stand, where you’re heading, what works, and what doesn’t. This analysis helps fine-tune communication strategies and identify the most appreciated paths within the community.

8. Patience

Building a community takes time, so consistency and perseverance are fundamental when undertaking this task. Valuable content gradually gains traction, and as people recommend it to others, it starts to snowball. It doesn’t matter if your audience isn’t initially very large; we’ve seen communities start with fewer than 10 people and grow to thousands. So, stay motivated and keep creating useful and interesting content.

There are many more strategies to create and grow a community, and here we have only mentioned some. We invite you to share your own story, the challenges you’ve faced, and the strategies you’ve used to overcome them.

Remember, this is a long journey; the most important thing is to take the first step. If you’ve already done that, congratulations! Now it’s a matter of hard work, focus, and passion to achieve the results you desire.

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