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Make your community talk about you with their own results

Nowadays, there are different ways to make your community stand out. We have social media, live events, and also traditional methods of communication such as radio, television, and newspapers. There’s also word of mouth, which is one of the most effective yet sadly forgotten methods that many communities overlook. In this blog, we exemplify the importance of having your community speak about you through their own results.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of someone who wants to lose weight. When we decide to embark on a weight loss journey, we have a vast amount of information. We contemplate which activities to undertake for weight loss and, if we’re more committed, seek the help of a nutritionist or dietitian for guidance on our diet. We start researching different sports and discover that weightlifting is one of the most effective options. So, we begin searching for the best gyms.

This is where the gym community starts playing a crucial role. You come across both negative and positive testimonials about the gym near your home. Some people claim it worked wonders for them as they achieved their goals, while others didn’t have such a positive experience, which leads to doubt, even if it’s conveniently located.


Then, you find one a bit farther away where the majority of comments are positive, praising good facilities, professional instructors, affordable prices, and, most importantly, excellent results. This convinces you to choose the one with better reviews and results, even if it’s a bit more distant. This is when we see the importance of engaging with our community. If they achieve good results, word of mouth about your community will be positive as well.


We’ve exemplified the significance of having your community achieve good results. Now, for the remainder of the blog, we’ll show you how to make your community talk about you and attract more people with their own results.


We must understand that people become part of communities for various reasons, including the innate sociability of human beings and the constant pursuit of improvement in the activities they engage in. We’ll focus on the latter point: if you genuinely care about your community, provide them with technological and supportive tools, offer personalized attention to resolve doubts or help with different issues, enhance their strengths, and improve their weaknesses so that they can excel in their activities. This will create a closer bond and show that you genuinely want them to improve.


Let’s apply this to a field we all love: Trading. If you were once part of a community that didn’t care much about your results but then joined another where you had a different experience – one that provides tools like Swiset, offers opportunities for feedback with professionals, hosts live events where you can resolve doubts and get to know successful traders up close – you wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the new community based on your positive experiences and results. After all, you’ve likely improved significantly.


Whether you’re a leader or a member of a community, we encourage you to act in favor of achieving results while maintaining a human touch. If you’re a leader, do your utmost to help your community achieve the best results. And if you’re a member, make the most of the spaces and tools provided to improve in every aspect you desire.

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