The statistics of a profitable trader

Everyone to know and enter the world of trading have many goals and objectives, but the reality is that more than 90% of traders lose money, that’s the main reason why we decided to create a professional tool that allows individual traders to make better decisions.

In addition, more than 80% of the trades are abandoned in the first 6 months and therefore the need for platforms at the level of those used by institutional traders.

Therefore, when choosing trading as your primary or secondary income activity, it is important that you take into account many factors, metrics and statistics about your trading. If you don’t constantly measure your results you won’t know if you are improving or not.

That’s why more than 5k traders in more than 60 countries choose Swiset. Because over time you realize what is really important in trading and that is to be consistently profitable.

Many of them have been advised and guided by their mentors to achieve their goals, so from Swiset we want to guide you towards a safe and rewarding path. It involves study time and perseverance.

But you can be sure that you will see results.

As we mentioned before, to know if you are improving or not, you must measure yourself. With Swiset you have statistics that help you measure yourself in a very easy way, you don’t need to calculate anything at all, neither use formulas nor Excel sheets.


1. The trick is to operate what generates the highest profitability

The statistics that you have just seen are general statistics of your operations that are calculated automatically when you register your operations, great isn’t it?

But it is also very important to know which are the assets with which you earn or lose money.

Why trade something that makes us lose money, right? In this example we have the Forex market but the statistics apply to any market you trade.

It is essential to do it! You should immediately stop trading the assets that generate losses and focus all your efforts on those that generate more profitability.

2. The trend is your friend, use it to your advantage!

Which do you prefer Bears or Bulls? Well really the answer should not be which one do you like more but which one do you make more profit with, do you already know if you do better in longs or shorts?

Well with Swiset you can have something as detailed as knowing which type of trade gives you more profit. You don’t have to worry about calculating ANYTHING, just register and trade Swiset and Swiset does the rest.

Here we show you how it looks from Swiset, with this statistic you can determine the type of operation with which you have greater probability of success or loss according to the operations you do.

3. Time is your most valuable resource, take advantage of it!

Surely you already have red eyes and your head hurts from watching the screen so much, or you waste too much time watching the graphs to not have entries that you get disappointed, and when you trade you enter badly because fatigue has played a dirty trick on you.

Well we want to tell you that it is completely NORMAL to lose money in trading, in fact, you are going to do it.

What is NOT NORMAL is to spend 8 hours watching the screen waiting for an opportunity when you can know exactly what time to enter, make the biggest profits and still make the most of the time in your day.
With Swiset you know EXACTLY the time of day when you have the biggest profits and the times of day when you have the biggest negative trades.

It’s time to make the most of your time! You can trade, study, exercise, share with your loved ones and still be 100% profitable.
Do you think your strategy is profitable? We challenge you to put it to the test on Swiset, record your trades and your strategy to see if you are actually making money.
Swiset will tell you how profitable your trading is being. And not just your trading but your strategy.

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