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By nature, the global financial and investment ecosystem has been permeated by the centralization of information, where only a few privileged ones have access to it. Banks, funds, and other giants continue to have this power.

However, a clear and disruptive dynamic that we have seen in recent years is the power of communities in the trading industry. There is no need to comment on examples that give meaning to this, such as Reddit vs. Wall Street, but it is gratifying to revisit this sense of openness and collaboration.

These communities can be visible in the form of academies, clubs, or even just friends gathered every Friday to talk about the market while enjoying a beer. The important thing is that you can leverage it.

When you are starting in trading, you have various challenges not only technically and knowledge-wise, but also in terms of mindset. Interacting in communities will provide you with several advantages to boost your training process:

Shared Information

You have a space to share and discuss information about the market, assets, and trading strategies.

Greater Insight

By having access to a wide range of opinions and perspectives, you can compare your understanding of the market to make more informed decisions.

Integral Development

You will also have the opportunity to learn from other successful traders to improve your skills through discussion and high collaboration. They will simplify your path so much that you can jump exponentially thanks to the experiences of other traders.

Constant Support

I don’t know if communities strictly fit as a support network, but to some extent, yes. Traders who have already overcome the shortcomings you have today will give you a light to face the challenges at a mental and technical level.


On the other hand, if you are a professional or experienced trader in any market, it is still a great idea to join and be in constant collaboration within communities. Whether you create an academy to share your knowledge or broaden your perspective while improving your networking. Remember that the market often requires not only knowledge but also solid trading skills. You can also enrich yourself from fundamentals, trends, or new approaches given by other traders.


Now, just as a great community will be gold for you, it should be noted that not all the trading opinions shared are accurate or reliable. Mental note: be critical and bold when making decisions.


From Swiset, we are ahead of time and extend our hand to the entire Spanish-speaking trading community with a space where each trader can share about markets, strategies, and more.

In addition, as part of our commitment to connecting with the entire ecosystem (check out our 2022 industry report), if you are a leader of a trading academy/club, write to us at Instagram @getswiset, we want to give you great surprises.

See you next time,


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