What is Swiset PRO and how to get the most out of it

Swiset is a platform that allows traders to keep a complete record of their trades to provide traders with accurate and detailed information about their trades. This way they will make better decisions when investing.

In addition, Swiset provides a fully customized Mentor and Trading Plan, which adjusts to the needs of traders who seek to be profitable and consistent in the medium and long term.

That is why it is essential to have these two tools offered by Swiset, which thanks to the experiences of users have been able to determine that after 3 months of having these advantages have shown a great increase in their profits and good results in the results of their operations.

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However, Swiset has two versions. The free version and the Pro version of Swiset.

Swiset pro is the premium version that gives you full access to the entire suite of tools that you can have within Swiset. In it you will find multiple functionalities that will allow you to carry out your trading process as institutional traders do, that is, with specialized platforms for optimal performance and a focus on decision making. 

After a brief description of what Swiset pro is, I will show you what it means and what is the most important of each of the functionalities.

No limits in your operations

One of the great benefits of Swiset pro is that you have unlimited everything, specifically the:

- Strategies.

You can record all the strategies you use and assign them to a trade, so you can identify which strategy is most profitable for you. Best of all, you can test new strategies and record them, so you will know which one gives you the most profit.

- Broker accounts.

You can add all the accounts you use, no matter the broker, whether real, sim or demo, even replay accounts. Swiset has no limitations, so you are guaranteed a complete record of all the accounts you use for trading.

- Tags.

It is important to measure what is right and what is wrong. That’s why you have the opportunity to register tags, which are divided into “Hits” (good) and “Mistakes” (errors). For example, a “Hit” is “entering on time” and a “Mistake” would be “entering at the wrong time”.

After having unlimited everything in Swiset we can start measuring absolutely everything and make better decisions, that is why now comes a very special data science section to have more profits and less stops.

- Real time notifications.

Thanks to our Telegram connection you can connect your Swiset account with Telegram and receive notifications of all your operations when they are closed directly to your mobile or desktop app (where you have Telegram open).

But that’s not all. Through this connection Swiset will start sending you another type of messages that are extremely important in your day to day trading and these have to do with:

- Trading Mentor.

It is your personalized trading mentor, in charge of providing you with detailed information about your operations that will allow you to improve your performance as a trader. This information comes from the statistics and operations registered in your trading journal. In short, it is like having a person who is checking all the time what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. It works for all your accounts and is “on” 24/7. Here’s a closer look at what the trading mentor contains and how you will see it once you have Swiset Pro.

- Trading Plan.

Do you find it difficult to follow the plans?

In Swiset you establish your personal trading plan, you can choose the data and ratios you want to monitor during your trading sessions. In this you can include from risk parameters, to # of daily losing trades, you can even set trading hours and days of the week in which it is allowed to operate. To carry out this monitoring and control you will receive notifications (via Telegram connection) if you comply or fail to comply. As you can include several trading accounts, you can also create a trading plan for each broker account you have associated (discover).

So far I think you’ve seen the potential of Swiset pro, but we’re not done yet. So let’s continue with more features of the full platform.

- Import trading history.

With Swiset Pro you can import the trades you made before you started your automatic registration with Swiset, so you get valuable information about your past trades and can improve your performance even more. In other words, if you register with Swiset today you can import all the history you have stored in your trading accounts. Remember that it does not matter which broker you have used to trade but the platform, we currently support the platform import service.

- Trading tournaments.

You can participate for free in all tournaments organized directly by Swiset and get a special discount on third-party tournaments held on Swiset. In addition, you have the possibility to create open tournaments for the community completely free of charge.

- Image of the operation.

In each operation you will have the option to upload a screenshot or any image you want about each trade you have made, so you can keep a more detailed analysis of your trading activity.

- Support 24/5.

You will have a support chat within the app to resolve any questions you have about the platform.
Swiset Pro becomes an ally in your day to day trading, accompanying you throughout your process as a Trader always seeking to bring you closer to making better investment decisions and gradually achieving more profitability that allows you to be consistent in the medium and long term.azo.

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Andrés Jiménez

Andrés Jiménez

Co-founder at Swiset